Mob rule reigns, but everyone just wants to virtue signal

I had seriously considered going to Unite the Right (UtR). So, for many weeks I’ve been following the unfolding event, the speakers, the infighting, the city hysteria, and the legalities very closely.

An orgy of virtue-signaling

I’m not Monday-morning-quarterbacking, like every other person out there who just yesterday realized there was even anything of interest happening in Charlottesville. Apparently, it just takes five minutes of cable-news viewing and WaPo reading to turn one into an “alt-right” expert.

Nor am I participating in the shallow and self-serving virtue-signaling against “racism” that the masses feel compelled to advertise to the world. So brave. Or the “we are one” rhetoric that conservatives habitually utter before placing a flag overlay on their profile pics and then going back to sleep.

Nor am I going to #StandWithCharlottesville because this social-justice city not only created Saturday’s chaos, but its citizens, leaders, and police purposefully made it as painful as possible to teach dissenters and nonconformists a lesson. In other words, it was a set-up and statists at every level have blood on their hands.

Nor am I dismissing both the alt-right, and Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists as horrible abominations, like some libertarians are doing. Or broad-brush condemning UtR, as every opportunist media personality is doing. I am indeed taking a side on Charlottesville and its aftermath, which may lose me some friends. But at this stage of my dissidence, I’m sadly used to that sort of thing.

I was almost there

So, let me tell you why I had entertained the idea of attending. First, I was going to put my journalism skills to work in order to witness first-hand and then report from the ground what actually unfolded. Seems that only myself and about 10 other people grasp this concept of gathering facts before making impassioned proclamations.

As we smart skeptics understand, the mainstream media is chillingly effective at ignoring evidence and twisting reality for its own nefarious ends. So, I thought this rally might be an opportune exercise in real truth-seeking.

As an observer, I would’ve interviewed the varied attendees, from Southern traditionalists, who want to combat the cleansing and revisionism of Confederate history, and traditionalists, who aim to foster old-school family values and modesty; to ethno-nationalists and white identitarians; to First-Amendment proponents and Constitutionalists; to a smattering of national socialists (a.k.a. Nazis … you know, the guys with swastikas).

But I think a large portion of the attendees were really just folks who’ve grown disaffected with libertarians and conservatives philosophizing about the dangers of progressivism. They saw the rally as a tangible way to put words into action and to stand up against the unholy doctrine of cultural Marxism, especially anti-whiteness.

Jason Kessler, the event organizer and Charlottesville native, doesn’t even consider himself a white nationalist. In fact, he told CNN that the event was about “preserving history against … censorship,” “being allowed to advocate for your interests as a white person, just like other groups are allowed to advocate for their interests politically,” and “free speech.”

Hey hey, ho ho, political correctness has got to go

All in all, it was supposed to be a day of opposition to political correctness, and that’s why there were so many shades of “the right” present. After all, non-leftism is a pretty huge tent and social-justice warriors have done a bang-up job of pissing off a lot of different kinds of people. There’s some diversity for ya.

I figured I wouldn’t have been able to interview Antifa or BLM protesters out of fear for my own safety. Truly, they are violent nihilists who would just as easily punch or mob-attack me while decrying “supremacy” or the “patriarchy” or “hate” as they would get an abortion or feed their kid hormones for gender-transition “therapy.” But at least I could witness what exactly it was they chanted, hurled, and sprayed.

Second, although I am not a national socialist by any stretch of the imagination – heck, I’m an anti-state libertarian who believes in secession, subsidiarity, and decentralization – I saw this rally as one possible impediment to the scourge of “social justice.” It was pissing off all the right people, including the city’s New Yorker mayor, Mike Signer, and anti-white vice mayor, Wes Bellamy; the he-she Twitter activist of #DefendCville infamy, Emily Gorcenski; and Virginia governor and Clinton lackey, Terry McAuliffe. After all, triggering leftists is one of the few silver linings of living in this perverted post-modern world.

We’re all identitarians in some way

Third, Lee Park was supposed to be where the rally took place. Recently rebranded “Emancipation Park” by the social democrats who’ve invaded Charlottesville – just one among the casualties of Southern cities that has morphed into a toxic blend of carpet-bagging transplants and guilt-ridden Southern quislings – I considered it quite fitting for an unReconstructed rebel like myself to show up in resistance to city plans to remove the park’s monument honoring Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

Fourth, I firmly believe (and now have been proven correct) that there is a pervading anti-white sentiment sweeping our culture. It’s not only socially and institutionally acceptable to say and do racist things towards white people, but it’s become a prerequisite for “polite” conversation. Hell, it’s becoming law!

There is quite clearly a different set of rules and expectations for white folks, and this has awakened a broad contingent of people who are repelling this harmful and hateful agenda. It’s objective truth, y’all, so don’t go and get all “social sciences” or “social justice” on me. Just open your damn eyes.

They’re asking why can every other “person of color” tout his pride, except whites? Why can every other ethnicity, race, and sexual “preference” practice in-group preference, except for straight white American-born men? Why can every other ideological faction define itself by identity politics, but if you’re a white identitarian, you’re a white supremacist?

Honestly, we are all “identitarians” in some way: Christian, parent, libertarian, husband, wife, Austrian economist, anarcho-capitalist, etc. People categorize and sort as a way to make sense of the world. And being tribal isn’t necessarily bad. God created all the tribes of the earth, so it’s been the organic state for most of human history. But it’s when you want your identity worshiped and subsidized and forced upon others that it becomes problematic.

Being white’s not a sin, neither is being Southern

As a white chick (well, technically, a 3/4 mix of Scottish, Irish, and Welsh + 1/4 Lebanese) who’s married to a white man and has three white sons, the assault against whiteness has made me say that, yes, I suppose I am pro-white. So freakin’ what? To be anything else would be stupid, self-loathing, not self-evident, and insincere. Otherwise, I’d be anti-white, right?

Moreover, I’m a person who never really thought in those terms till recently. I truly do believe in live and let live. I love Jesus, I voted for Ron Paul twice, and I believe in the nonaggression principle and the Golden Rule. I’m more naturally meritocractic in my worldview, but I refuse to be trampled under foot by cultural Marxism, so I’ve been forced to take a self-defensive posture. I am pro-life and pro-liberty, and my kith and kin are not excluded from those ethics just because they’re white.

Also, why can every other in-group spit on Southerners, but when they defend their home and history, they’re pegged as racists? Why is treating the South as the perpetual whipping boy for all the evils of Western civilization not only fashionable, but so status quo? And why do Southerners never get any credit for their accomplishments and contributions, of which many have either been co-opted or stolen.

Why is it okay for pastors to preach sermons about unity, racial reconciliation, and how bigotry is anti-Christian, yet these are rarely standards applied to nonwhites. Silent are the proclamations against progressivism and all of its sinister manifestations.

These platitudes ring hollow when what’s touted is that “White people got work to do,” while every “aggrieved minority” (and there sure are a ton of ’em) is given a pass. Perhaps they’re saying that white people’s sin is soooo much worse than everyone else’s, or maybe they’re too scared to rock the leftist boat. Who knows. But how is that brotherhood? How can that foster divine godliness within the Church? Double standards and hypocrisy breed division and inauthenticity.

Complicity: Charlottesville & the media

Before the event even occurred, the rules for the “Other” were already on display in Charlottesville. For instance, Kessler applied for and got a permit to have the rally at Lee Park, only to have the city revoke said permit days before the scheduled event. He obtained the legal help of the ACLU shockingly, and a federal judge overturned the unconstitutional act.

Some restaurants denied service to UtR attendees, and Air BnB canceled people’s reservations, proving that freedom of association is only applicable for leftists, otherwise, “Bake the cake, Nazi!” Could you imagine if a conservative refused service to a BLM activist? We white folks would all have to undergo some kind of mass mandatory sensitivity training. Obviously, there are some segments of the population who can’t sit at the lunch counter. Next stop, to the back of the bus, white boy.

Even if the protesters were all “neo-Nazis,” as the dinosaur media called all of UtR, Marxists are still worse. Echoing the astute judgement of libertarian economist Walter Block, I’d rather live under national socialism than communism, and under fascism than national socialism. Sure, they’re all varying degrees of tyranny but commies – some of whom were smugly flying their Soviet hammer-and-sickle flags yesterday – have caused more human suffering in the name of their ideology than has true Nazism in its short-lived heyday.

To me, the “counter-protesters” and “peaceful protesters,” which is how mainstream news outlets described the savage Antifa and BLM thugs, are for more dangerous than are a bunch of “far-right extremists” who simply wanted to exercise their rights to free expression, peaceful assembly, and self-defense, if necessary. Charlottesville’s Daily Progress reported that UtR “storms” the city, pushing the preconceived narrative that alt-righters blitzed into town, raping and pillaging, taking no prisoners.

Fortunately, for those of us who care to do our homework and find out the facts, many attendees took video footage and released live streams, detailing and capturing many of the controversial happenings as they occurred. Just google it, people. Stop being such a dupe. Here’s what a Facebook friend had to say about it.

Uncivilized brutes & Marxist patsies

The Marxists sprayed rally-goers with bleach, acid, and CO2-propelled bear pepper-spray, pummeled them with bricks, bottles of urine, and feces, and beat them with steel batons. The rally attendees fought back. Period.

The college, city, and state police – who were supposed to protect speakers, keep peace in surrounding areas, and help the event run as orderly as possible – reneged on their duties. Some cops laughed as UtR people were doused with bodily fluids. Simply put, police stood down and turned their backs on the lawful ralliers in the hours leading up the planned noon event.

These “peace” officers then made attendees fight their way through blocks and blocks of belligerent provocateurs. They also didn’t provide the multiple venue entrances that had been promised to Kessler, so rally-goers then had to battle their way through one sole gateway to even get into the park. Guess who was the “welcome” committee? More brutal Marxists emboldened in their violence with the help of police.

After having survived this onslaught, event speakers were then told to disperse and disband once they made it to the stage because McAuliffe had already declared a state of emergency at 10 a.m., some two hours before the rally was to begin. Again with no police protection, they fled to McIntire Park to try to regroup and get out of this God-forsaken city alive.

So, if you don’t fall on the victim pyramid, “unlawful” now means “following the letter of the law but still being shut down.” Cops left citizens, who were depending on them for safety, trapped and surrounded by aggressive hordes, and then allowed Antifa and BLM take over the streets for a victory lap once the alt-righters were gone. Meanwhile, UtR are the bad guys, and leftist agitators are victims and saints. Madness.

In addition to not knowing for sure if I’d even have any like-minded allies at the rally, I did know that I’d be on unfair footing strategically, which helped me decide that attending would be unwise. Would I be able to conceal carry? Of course not. Would white nationalists have my back? Probably. Would the cops do their jobs? I doubt it. So why put myself in a life-and-death situation only to be called the instigator, if I were to use force to defend my body?

And that is exactly what is happening. Even though I was proven correct in my calculations that the media and police cover for the left, it’s really shocking the extent to which the corruption, complicity, and conformity has gone. And is still going.

Corruption carries on

Even today, Kessler tried to hold a press conference. Police led him up to the podium, and then abandoned him … again. He should be given an award for the courage he had in facing the throng of wrathful Marxists all by himself.

Mob rule is now the new “normal,” y’all. Either submit to it or be castigated a Nazi. Denounce “white supremacy,” or have your faith called into question or be fired from your job. Hitler would be oh so proud of the government’s authoritarian tactics and the leftist storm troopers and useful idiots who embolden the mission. It’s a sham, political theater at its most disgusting, and most everyone is falling for it.

Where does this leave folks who don’t want to bend over and take it? I mean, take the Southern man. He tried to peacefully secede, but was forced back into an inequitable “union” at the point of a gun and then “reconstructed” by bayonet.

He built statues as not to forget the Confederate past, but his heroes are being razed and his culture erased. In 2016, he used the political process to pass a bill through the Virginia legislature to protect all historic monuments, only to have McAuliffe veto the bill.

He’s pegged a racist simply for existing. His kids are taught to despise their heritage and their own skin, and all on his dime. His ancestors are mocked and called traitors. Yet when he resists, the full force of the institutions which his forebears built and the principles they established are misused against him.

Kessler went to great lengths to hold a peaceful and legal rally in his hometown, but statists instead sacrificed him on the altar of social justice. Now he’s being blamed. UtR attendees are being blamed and portrayed as the perpetrators, not the victims. (If anything, I think they showed great restraint under such trying and scary circumstances. I, for one, would’ve surely lost my cool.) And the monuments are being blamed for inciting hate and murder, and will most likely come down quickly to “honor the dead” that the city of Charlottesville and their leftist lynch mob helped kill.

Truth to power

Whether you agree with it or not, UtR attendees simply wanted to speak out about what they see as a caste system in which they are the untouchables. But they were instead taught a lesson French Revolution-style. Just work, pay your taxes, self-flagellate, and shut up, cracker – or off with your head! Crazy thing is, this rally proved these alleged Nazis 100% correct in their claims, yet most folks don’t recognize the irony.

Mob rule is at its zenith. But we can tear it down from its peak. Free speech and equal justice are dead for non-leftists (white and black alike), but we can enliven it. But if you ain’t ready for battle, get out of the way because the civil war is upon us, whether we like it or not. And if you want to virtue signal about your anti-racist street cred, don’t be shocked when you find that a mob-ocracy has a sinister way of always eating its own.

The Confederate dead who are memorialized across Dixie were made of sterner stuff than their statues. They were resilient. Risk takers. People willing to sacrifice for their hearth and home. And they’re there to remind us that some things are worth fighting for. And keeping up these monuments, standing against the hate of Antifa and BLM and their government cronies, and tearing down this diseased “indivisible” union is the rightful remedy to securing peace.

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  1. Judy

    Once again, you have rocked the boat and did a great job doing it. Everyone should read this and stand up against what is happening to our society.

    1. Post
      Dissident Mama

      Glad you enjoyed it. Please like and share on social media. Apparently, by looking at my admin stats, you’re one of the only people who’s even seen it. Grrr, so frustrating!

    1. Post
      Dissident Mama

      Thanks so much! Glad to know some people appreciate facts because I think I may be losing some friends over this madness.

        1. Post
          Dissident Mama

          Oh, I’m so glad it’s you, Mike. You’re famous! 😉 Heck, we can be famous together as 2 of the last few people in America who have a clue. Seriously, I appreciate the encouragement. I haven’t gotten any death threats … yet, but the hostility is seething, so I wouldn’t be surprised if those come sooner rather than later. So kind words are more than welcome; they are needed. 🙂

  2. Ingrid

    It’s shocking how many people take their freedom for granted. My German grandmother often reminded me that if freedom can be lost in Germany it can happen here too. I never really believed her. I mean here in this melting pot of so many different cultures and religions? Never. Got a bumper sticker idea that captures the irony of the “diversity” movement? I would spread your message on social media but I’m that guy who lives under a rock.. Thanks for all of your hard work.

    1. Post
      Dissident Mama

      Hey, at least you’re reading and not demanding condemnations from your friends and family and fellow church members. I appreciate the verbal support, Ingrid. I mean, I did just get called a Nazi sympathizer on Twitter by someone in the “resistance.” And a few nights ago, a trans person told me that my profile icon of the split sacred cow shield was “88.” I didn’t even know what that meant. Apparently, “88 is a white supremacist numerical code for ‘Heil Hitler.'” Madness! Please pray for peace. At this point, I think that’s about all we can do. 🙁

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