Milo isn’t the devil

I hadn’t wanted to watch the Milo Yiannopoulos videos “defending pedophilia.” I didn’t want to see a person whom I regard as a genuine rebel to political correctness and a warrior for truth speak words so utterly evil. So, I didn’t watch.

But I saw headlines, I read tweets and Facebook comments, and I consumed articles about the controversy. I heard he got disinvited from CPAC, his book deal got canceled, and now there’s supposedly an employee strike at Breitbart calling for his firing. The judge and jury were in, and Milo was already executed.

So, I finally dragged myself to the computer to watch. I was sad because I – a person who prides herself on not getting swept up in media hype, a chick who always knows the bullshit narrative the mainstream press is trying to push, a gal who understands that “news” is only at best half the story – was about to witness the downfall of someone I respect.

But what I saw was the same irreverent Milo talking honestly about his sex life as a teen. And whether people want to admit it or not, his experience is common in “the gay world.”

It is a fact that “questioning” teens are groomed and taught by older gay adults in the ways of the “life-affirming relationships” of homosexuality. I don’t know about y’all, but this wasn’t news to me.

This wasn’t some bombshell that rocked my world. Anyone with half a brain – who knows at least a few gay people and has read an article or two by a queer-studies professor or an LGBT blogger – understands that this is how it goes. And being that he is the “Dangerous Faggot,” I just don’t see what the revelation is here.

You can get mad at the homosexuality, if you want. That’d be fine by me. I’m a heterosexual who believes that same-sex relations are a sin. Hell, I think saving yourself for your husband or wife and practicing monogamy is the best way to go.

But don’t attack Milo for discussing one of the defining characteristics of what it means to be gay. Why don’t you instead get pissed that it’s the norm for homosexuals to prey upon eager and willing “questioning” teens; get angry that coming-of-age gay folk want so desperately to prove themselves in a sexual capacity that they’d have an “inter-generational relationship;” or laugh at yourself in the mirror for being so clueless as to how this whole “lifestyle choice” plays out for real human beings.

Like Milo says, being gay is “messy and complex,” and I’m glad I’ve never dabbled in it, but I’ve sure experienced my fair share of heterosexual damage. None of this stuff is pretty.

And I will be laughing at myself in the mirror for actually falling for the smear campaign. I will be pulling for Milo to get through this pile-on from both left and right. And I will be praying that people who may think they’re gay take note that it’s not as glorifying and glamorous as they might think.

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