Knock that chip off your shoulders, pussies!

From feminism to BLM, mass immigration to LGBT, and environmania to egalitarianism, there’s one intrinsically sick and demented characteristic that all modern leftist movements share: a gigantic ego-maniacal chip on their shoulders. It weighs down the ideologues with hubris, draining out any common sense they may be able to muster under normal circumstances.

It strangles them with a sense of entitlement, inflating their pride to an unbearable level for both them and the people to which they subject their self-centeredness. It inhibits their rational thinking, propelling them into a perpetual stupor of fury and admiration for whatever is the trendy cause du jour. It suspends their critical thinking, making them susceptible to the snake-oil chicanery of the social-justice cultists.

Basically, this obsessive self-absorption renders them stupid, angry as hell, and willing accomplices in the perpetuation of all sorts of hateful, illogical, sexist, and racist movements that spawn from the poisonous roots of progressivism. And this leads to a few irrational conclusions drawn by the participants in the A Day Without Women walk-out and march happening this Wednesday.

It allows them a clear conscience taking part in an stunt organized by diabolical dames, like Maoist Tithi Battacharya, Stalinist and accessory-to-murder Angela Davis, and convicted terrorist and murderer Rasmea Yousef Odeh. These are some scary, totalitarian bitches, y’all. (And don’t let the fake-news promoters at Snopes tell you otherwise.)

It gives them carte blanche to spew lies, twist facts, ignore authentic injustices, and insult rational opposition to their tyrannical messages. It grows in them a feeling of moral superiority, as was seen in the recent exploit by female House Democrats, wearing white to Trump’s address to Congress as an “emblem of purity, symboliz[ing] the quality of our purpose.”

As a supposed tribute to the suffragists, these fems said the move was representative of their beloved “right to vote.” Yet, it was that very political franchise that determined Trump as winner. Translation: “We believe in the electoral process, except when we lose.”

“And we fight for all women, except those who voted against Hillary … and gender apostates and married chicks and Christians and moms and global-warming skeptics and ‘Islamophobes’ and middle-class suburbanites and sometimes even white girls just ’cause they’re white.” Yay, sisterhood!

A recent psychological study finds that “outrage driven by moral-identity concerns serves to compensate for the threat of personal or collective immorality” and shows a “link between guilt and self-serving expressions of outrage that reflect a kind of ‘moral hypocrisy,’ or at least, a non-moral form of anger with a moral facade.”

The research exposes that “individuals respond to reminders of their group’s moral culpability with feelings of outrage at third-party harm-doing” (for the marchers, read: Trump, men, the patriarchy, etc). So, the marchers’ umbrage isn’t actually about “maintaining justice,” but rather, making themselves feel better by penalizing others. It’s psychological projection on a mass scale.

This contrivance gives progressive grrrrls a purpose in their lives, replacing self-loathing with self-righteousness, and empowerment with exhibitionism. This fanatical grievance ideology is why they overstate and/or outright fabricate abuses of sexism and other alleged injustices, pushing the pity-party narrative, while subsequently diminishing real atrocities done against females.

So, instead of doing something to help “families who are struggling with childcare, putting food on the table, and accessing healthcare after Obama’s eight years in office,” critiqued one mom after January’s march, American feminists virtue signal about their phony victimhood. Hell, they gotta go to the trouble of concocting “hate crimes” in an attempt to authenticate their zealous beliefs.

Moreover, they chant “women’s rights are human rights,” yet ignore the genuine abuses of many girls and women around the globe. Interesting that this rallying cry is probably used as an homage to a 1995 speech at the UN’s 4th Conference on Women in which Hillary Clinton accurately depicts the oppression of many non-Western women.

Yet, it’s the “feminist activists that seem to have little or no awareness of the struggles of women in other parts of the world,” explains philosopher Christina Hoff Sommers. So, forget the nonfictional systemic and cultural misogyny abroad, the plight of both women and men domestically, the marginalization of “white feminist” activists, and definitely those wretched female Trump supporters.

Kinda makes their unity principle of “solidarity” ring hollow, don’t it?! These modern “fainting-couch feminists,” as Sommers calls them, like to think of themselves as tough-as-nails revolutionaries. But what they really are is grown damn women acting like spoiled little schoolgirls, tantrums and all. They happily preen in their bedroom mirrors, satisfied with the moral masquerade they’re dramatizing, yet there’s no palpable self-reflection.

This reminds me of a scene from The Sopranos when a moneyless Finn tells girlfriend Meadow he didn’t apply for a position at the local burger-flipping joint because he “wouldn’t want to take away a job that a minority could get.” His sham indignation about the “less fortunate” was simply a cover for his own failings – an excuse for his own lame rationalization and personal decisions.

Similarly, feminists are participants in a losing paradigm of their own creation. They dwell in a distorted reality by telling themselves they can have it all. They embrace the slut lifestyle and demean their essence. They damage the lives and bodies of themselves and others by declaring infanticide as liberation.

They ignore science and human nature by saying they want to live free from “structural impediments” and “gender norms, expectations, and stereotypes.” They seek a world not based in fact and truth, and then get hysterical in their pink pussy hats when common-sense folks refuse to coddle them or enable their delusions.

They fabricate crises, like the mythical “rape culture” and “gender-wage gap,” when in truth, they reside in a progressive-run culture where they’re actually bestowed a privileged position. They disdain logic and worship emotion. They say they can do anything a man can do, or pompously assert that men are just plain worthless. Nasty stuff for sure.

They tout the old feminist mantra “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle,” and then blame Trump or the patriarchy or whatever scapegoat they can come up with in the ivory towers of gender-studies programs or “diversity and inclusion” departments when their fantasies don’t pan out.

Feminism is a crutch. It’s not about strength and sisterhood, it’s about self-anointed victimhood, convincing yourself that your poor life choices and their consequences are someone else’s fault, and then seeking revenge on that make-believe oppressor.

So, instead of flaunting that mammoth chip on their shoulder, what American women should really do is knock off that impediment and reclaim their autonomy. Ladies, I say embrace independence, individualism, and the God-given beauty and power of femininity, and leave the unseemly and fanatical collectivism to the pussies.

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    A crutch indeed. “stupor of fury”–good one. And that white wearing mess of broads makes me want to vomit.

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