If anyone should be taking a knee, it should be …

… people like me. And not for the social-justice reasons that black supremacists and their “woke” owners in the NFL, virtue-signaling scientists, or Hollywood liberals do.

Or leftist faculty in America’s law schools, brainwashed high-school students, or any other groups claiming to be for “equality” and against “racial injustice” do. Not even for the condescending and spiritually void reasons of allegedly resisting “supremacy” and “unapologetic [white] racism” that evangeleftists do.

No, it should be people like me, who understand that what this #TakeAKnee movement really represents is special rights for aggrieved minorities, second-class citizenship for non-leftists, and buttressing the conspiracy theory of white privilege. It’s an emotional ploy void of careful study aimed at promoting radical egalitarianism, racial parity, and Marxism through the cultural norms and force of law.

It should be intellectually curious people like me, who understand that “The National Anthem” was written by Francis Scott Key during the War of 1812 when the sovereigns comprising “These United States of America” unified in order to fight a common enemy.

Amateur historians like me, who get that the flag hasn’t represented freedom since 1861, when central authority became status quo. (Even Key’s grandson understood that the stars and stripes came to represent oppression during the War of Northern Aggression.)

Southerners like me, who are resistors to the federal government’s continued siege on Dixie, from invasion during the “civil war,” to the ongoing cultural genocide and colonization of our home, to the post-modern assault on our history and symbols.

States’ righters like me, who resent the constant usurpation of smaller, more localized government by the oligarchs and Deep State in Washington, and the fact that we’re then castigated as the bad guys in this battle for self-determination.

Secessionists like me, who abhor the one-size-fits-all “indivisibility” that has been foisted upon and accepted by the masses as the norm, and who yearn for a “nation” that allows the unique Southern people to exist in a world without the constant assault of puritanical progressivism.

unReconstructed folks like me, who are still Jeffersonian and Confederate and proud of it, yet are classified as “domestic terrorists” by our homeland security overlords and as “Nazis” by the profiteers of perjury in the mainstream media.

Unaffiliated voters like me, who grasp that the Republicans and Democrats in Congress and the bureaucratic shadow government are a league of selfish and power-hungry tyrants, not “public servants.”

Americans like me, who know that professional sports have long been used by the military-industrial complex as a tool of increasing nationalist fervor and that these “paid patriotism” ceremonies are meant to promote America’s never-ending thirst for foreign adventurism and the people’s support of it. 

Intellectually consistent gals like me, who hate the double standard of political, cultural, and media fawning over #TakeAKnee as being morally right and just, but disallowing other “solidarity” displays at the NFL, and even calling those who choose to stand supporters of “white supremacy.”

Voters like me, who see the hypocrisy of Congress passing a resolution condemning “white supremacy,” yet not offering a peep about BLM supporters depicting the lynching of a white boy.

Media literate chicks like me, who are sick of the lying press constantly whipping up a frenzied “Nazi” narrative, painting violent thugs as victims, and offering no Dylann-Roof-level outrage but only utter silence when churches are shot up by radicalized “people of color.”

GenXers like me, who are expected to pay for Millennial’s useless college degrees and their subsequent indoctrination, as well as the Baby Boomers’ overpriced Medicare, while we struggle to stay out of debt in this hyper-inflated world built upon a fiat-currency house of cards.

Anarcho-capitalists like me, who know that central banking and the progressive tax system are both tools used to perpetuate the federal leviathan and keep the people in the vulnerable position of “subject,” not “citizen.”

Good stewards like me, who are enraged that the EPA cracks down on people catching rainwater, creates a fictional global-warming crisis, and uses crony capitalism to fund expensive and inefficient “green” energies that aren’t as capable as coal or natural gas.

Healthy eaters like me, who know the FDA and USDA make natural food more expensive and less accessible in order to bolster the mega corporate farms that do their bidding.

Concerned parents like me, who aren’t necessarily anti-vaxxers, but know that hardcore rounds of shots the CDC recommends to very young and developing children probably isn’t the best course of action and that parents have the right to research, refuse, or reschedule the concerning regiment.

Law-abiding folks like me, who are worried by the militarization of local law enforcement, the federal government’s buying up stockpiles of ammunition, arming non-law-enforcement agencies, and creating a tyranny of law with more than 4,000 federal statutes on the books.

Gun owners like me, who constantly see the 2nd Amendment trampled upon by illogical and expensive regulations aimed at disarming citizens and preventing a peaceful populace from utilizing arms in self-defense.

Private citizens like me, who abhor the increasing police state, the very existence of the TSA, and the NSA’s spying and data-gathering used not to increase the safety of citizens and diminish threats against the “homeland,” but rather to keep on eye on dissenters to the statist narrative.

Free thinkers like me, who understand that freedom of conscience is under assault with “speech codes” on America’s government-subsidized college campuses, that censorship of non-leftist expression is condoned as in places like Berkeley, Boston, and Charlottesville, and that the increasing media and political support for “hate speech” rules are never applied to Marxists like Antifa or BLM.

Concerned citizens like me, who don’t see equal justice under the law being carried out when “hate crime” designations are only applied when white folks commit a crime against black folks, or straight people against LGBT people, or Christians against Muslims.

Liberty lovers like me, who are funding the importation of illegal immigrants from socialist and theocratic Muslim countries while being told that these folks come to America for freedom, not welfare benefits and not to fundamentally change the culture and voting tendencies of the republic through the demographic scam that is “multi-culturalism.”

Libertarians like me, who believe in the nonaggression principle, yet are forced to subsidize America’s warfare state and the empire’s ceaseless meddling, killing, and foreign adventurism.

Peace advocates like me, who are incensed that the lion’s share of the armed forces are comprised of Southern soldiers who are loathed and scorned by the federal government for which they fight, and that the National Guard is deployed across the world to fight for other nations.

Christians like me, who believe the Bible’s 10 Commandments are the inerrant Word of God, yet we’re compelled to prop up a government that steals, fosters a culture of covetousness, and kills indiscriminately.

Jesus followers like me, who see the hypocrisy of Christians that don’t “Bake the cake” being found guilty of discrimination and losing their businesses due to lofty court fees vs. leftist businesses never being held to the same legal standard.

Pro-lifers like me, whose federal taxes keep open the doors to Planned Parenthood, and allows federal courts to abuse power by creating “rights,” taking sovereignty away from the states, and calling murder “choice.”

Home educators like me, who are hassled by government in order to show we uppity parents (who think we can educate our kids better than the conformist and activist bureaucrats the teachers’ colleges churn out) that homeschooling is a temporary gift that our statist overlords have granted, so we’d better not rock the boat.

Moms like me, whose taxes pay for K-12 “education” which grooms little kids for homosexuality, transsexuality, and intersectionality, teaches little boys that being masculine is “toxic” and little girls that being a slut is about freedom and autonomy, and pushes Marxism as mainstream.

Lifelong learners like me, who subsidize higher “education” but know that universities are nothing more than progressive indoctrination centers which teach “race, class, and gender” as the crux of every woe in life, and brainwash young adults into the cults of libertinism and victimhood.

Wives of hard workers like me, whose husband’s are the backbone producers at crony-capitalist corporations, yet are treated as dispensable entities that must train their H-1B replacements.

Traditionalists like me, who believe in meritocracy, yet live in a nation-state ruled by affirmative action, gender quotas, mandated diversity and sensitivity training, and leftists pushing work ethic as a “whiteness ideology.”

Consumers like me, who fund through taxes leftist programming at NPR and PBS, and can’t escape the nihilistic “entertainment” that Hollywood churns out in their ceaseless campaign for socialism.

Homeowners like me, who see the statist Smart Growth and New Urbanism schemes not as environmental necessities or HUD do-gooderism, but as attacks on private property and consumer choice.

Average Joes like me, who don’t have the influence of the NFL and their lackeys in the media, or the power of leftists pervading every level of government, or the money statists use to shove Marxism down our throats in all aspects of our lives.

Realists like me, who see the government stats for crime and are maddened that by virtue of discussing this data, you’re pegged a racist, and that #TakeAKnee never considers these facts, and instead just blames “systemic racism” or “white supremacy” for every struggle.

Normal folks like me, who are just done with “racial justice” being used as excuse to foist Marxism on the masses.

But gals like me are also mannerly and civilized and know that honest dialog free from emotion – not bratty behavior, social-justice showmanship, horrible name calling, and bullying – is the way to create positive change and a happier citizenry. So, no, I won’t be doing the fashionable thing and taking a knee, but I sure have more than enough reasons to do so.

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